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Market and Feasibility Studies

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Market and Feasibility Studies

Market and feasibility studies are typically performed for real estate developers considering a new project or business owners considering starting, expanding, or relocating a business or adding new lines of products or services.  In addition to the supply-demand analysis and financial projections, these studies include valuable business insights, including:

  • Competitive information including location, pricing, and vacancy rates

  • Highest and best use recommendations

  • Absorption and pricing projections and recommendations

  • Industry overview and analysis

  • Target market identification

  • Site/location selection

  • Projected financial performance

  • Demographic and socio-economic characteristics overview and projections

  • Labor force availability

  • Other custom analyses

A market study can also include other business-related information, such as proximity to transportation networks, availability of specific resources (including labor, water, utilities, etc.), levels of local government services, taxation, and any other component considered relevant to the complete analysis of the area and its impact on the proposed project.

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In addition to collecting and analyzing vast amounts of business and economic data, EEC has close working relationships with academic research institutions, including the Center for Regional Studies and University Center for Economic Development at the University of Nevada, Reno.

EEC has performed market and feasibility studies for various industries across the US, including real estate developments (residential, office, retail, hospitality, commercial, mixed-use, and industrial developments), gaming, hospitality, nursing homes, restaurants, retail, medical offices, recreation (ice rinks, pools, baseball, and rodeo), and more.

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