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Focused economic research and analysis

  • Fiscal, Economic, and Social Impact Studies

  • Market and Feasibility Studies

  • Economic Research, Analysis, and Modeling

    • Real Estate, Land Use, Demographic, Employment, Wage, and Industry Analyses​

  • Litigation Support and Expert Witness Services

  • Local and State Governments

  • Business Owners

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Real Estate Developers

  • Engineering and Planning Firms

  • Gaming Operators

  • Native American Tribes

  • Industry Associations

  • Economic Development Agencies

  • Attorneys



Visit our Research page for valuable economic information, including

  • Nevada Economic Insights blog, 

  • Research Reports, 

  • Presentations, and

  • Publications


Ekay Economic Consultants, Inc., "EEC" was formed with the goal of providing real estate developers, business owners, governments, and attorneys with a clear and quality analysis of complex litigation, real estate, business, public policy, and local government finance issues. We have the experience and education necessary to perform a variety of economic analyses and to present our findings in various settings, including deposition, trial, association and group meetings, and local and state government commissions and boards.  As a small and focused economic consulting firm, EEC is perfectly positioned to serve client needs on a more specialized, timely, and innovative basis.


550 West Plumb Lane, B459

Reno, NV 89509 

Tel: 775-232-7203

Thank you for your interest

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